Cog Finance


Cog Finance is an isolated lending platform on Scroll.

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High Risk
Assessment: 2024-04-02
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    Kop, Supergu
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Not yet undergone Underwriting review

The protocol has its merits, such as the immutability of smart contract, absence of a native token reducing risks, and lower compliance risks due to legal adherence. However, it faces significant risks including single-point control via an EOA, lack of transparency in collateralization and APR setting, potential oracle manipulation, and concerns over operational transparency and strategic direction due to undisclosed team details and lack of decentralized governance or a clear roadmap.


The absence of a native token within the ecosystem eliminates associated token risks, ensuring a more stable operational environment.
There is no documentation available on their collateralization mechanism, and the APR desplayed on the frontend appears to be hardcoded.
The oracle can be set by the creator of the pool, resulting in potential risk of rug pull.


Low legal and regulatory risk promotes a favorable operational climate and reduces potential legal challenges.
The platform's operational transparency is limited due to the absence of publicly available information regarding team members and founders.
The protocol lacks decentralized governance and a roadmap for future development, raising concerns about its strategic direction.


The smart contract is designed with immutable architecture, ensuring no upgrades can be implemented post-deployment.
The protocol has undergone a thorough audit with no serious unresolved issues, increasing reliability, even though the auditing firm is less recognized.
Some contracts are unverified on Etherscan, raising uncertainties about their authenticity compared to the audited versions.
The smart contract is managed solely by an EOA rather than a multi-signature wallet, emphasizing a single-point control mechanism.